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— With ZERO Effort From You!

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Used by Olympic Athletes, the US Army and Microsoft, Discover the Powerful Subliminal Software That
Helps You:

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Photo of Joseph Heller “ I love this, I can absorb my goals and reprogram my mind a thousand times a day, while I sit and read e-mail. This is brilliant — and it works!

-- Dr. Joe "Mr Fire" Vitale, CEO of Hypnotic Marketing Inc. and star of "The Secret"

Dear Friend

Imagine having access to a SECRET CONTROL PANEL inside your brain.

A control panel that allowed you to instantly switch on your most powerful traits, just by flicking a simple switch.

Stop dreaming. That control panel is here.

It's called Subliminal Power.

Used by over 70,000+ individuals. Praised by Olympic athletes. So powerful, the US Government tried to ban it.

Now, after three years of development, the new 2013 version has just been launched. And it's more powerful than ever before.

Let me introduce you to...

Subliminal Power 2.

Subliminal Power 2 helps to reprogram
your mind — while you use your PC.

There's no doubt about it.

Subliminal Power 2 is the most powerful software program you'll ever own.

Just select the traits you desire - enhanced confidence, increased brain power, improved health, personal development - then let the program run in the background, while you use your PC.

As it runs, it quietly "reprograms" your mind, using its powerful and completely safe "subliminal technology."

Three-time Olympian Ruben Gonzalez said: "This is a must for anyone committed to personal excellence. Olympic athletes like myself use subliminal tools to gain an edge. So can you. Brilliant!"

Motivational speaker and friend of Tony Robbins, Joseph Heller said: "When a self-made millionaire buddy show me this, I bought my copy right away. I've seen tremendous results!"

Developed back in 1999 by self-development leader Bradley Thompson, Subliminal Power has been trusted for over a decade - and enjoys over 70,000+ users across the globe.

It's popular - because it works.

Photo of Mark Anastasi Subliminal Power is amazing. I programmed my mind to make 100k a month - and exceeded it. Buy this product. It's a true miracle!

-- #1 best-selling author of The Laptop Millionaire

Now, for the first time in over 10 years, a new version has been created.

And it takes things ten times further than ever before.

How to start using Subliminal Power 2
— and the science that proves it works.

So, what exactly is Subliminal Power 2?

Subliminal Power 2 is a simple Windows application, which aims to reprogram your mind - while you use your PC.

To start, simply select what you'd like to achieve.

With the new Subliminal Power 2, you get instant access to over 400 programs, covering practically every area of life. From rocketing your creativity to boosting your self-esteem, from stopping smoking to getting rid of a fear of snakes(!).

Just select your program, and you're done.

Subliminal Power 2 will work quietly in the background, while you use your computer as normal.

As you use your computer, Subliminal Power begins to flash subtle messages around your screen - while you work.

These powerful, 10 millisecond affirmations are almost too quick to be spotted by the human eye, but are picked up by the subconscious.

They work as powerful commands, reprogramming your brain with powerful affirmations, such as "I am incredibly confident" or "I am relaxed in social situations."

These commands are too quick for the critical conscious mind to comprehend. Instead, they are fed directly to the subconscious - where they are used to change your underlying brain rules and patterns.

And with just one affirmation displaying every seconds, that means Subliminal Power will feed you a staggering 28,800 positive affirmations over the course of a typical 8-hour work day.

No wonder it's so powerful!

Remember, Subliminal reprogramming has been used for decades, has been popularized by human psychology leaders such as Anthony Robbins and Derren Brown, and has been attributed to the success of Tiger Woods. It was almost banned as being "too powerful" in the 1960s by the US Government, and has since been proven by science.


Photo of Joseph Heller When a self-made billionaire buddy showed me this, I bought my copy right away. I've seen … tremendous restults!

-- Joseph Heller, friend of Tony Robbons, Motivational Speaker

Rocket your memory, dissolve stress, conquer fears, boost your confidence!

Subliminal Power can be used to seriously improve almost every area of your life.

The safe and unobtrusive "mental commands" are programmed to shift your underlying thought processes, to develop successful patterns of behaviour, remove personality flaws, increase your mental capacity, and re-engineer your outlook on life.

So, let me ask - What would you like to improve?

You can use Subliminal Power 2 to improve your mind:

You can use Subliminal Power 2 to relax more, and get rid of bad habits and fears:

You can even use Subliminal Power 2 to help in other areas of life - such as to improve athletic abilities, attract a romantic partner, or improve your personality:

Whatever you're looking to improve, there's a Subliminal Power program just waiting for you. And if not, you can always create your own - with just a few clicks.

Photo of Ruben Gonzalez A must for anyone committed to personal excellence. Olympic athletes use subliminal learning to gain an edge. So can you. Cutting edge!

-- Ruben Gonzalez, Three-time Olympian,
Peak-Performance Expert & Professional Speaker

Yes - Subliminal Power 2 is powerful.

Discover the all-new Subliminal Power 2: Including 400+ Ready-to-Run Programs!

And this month, for the first time in over a decade, Bradley Thompson has unveiled the next version of this amazing application.

It's called Subliminal Power 2 - and it's more powerful than ever before.

(That's right. You couldn't have chosen a better time to read this letter!)

Subliminal Power 2 contains everything that you'll find in the original Subliminal Power, and much, much more.

It includes...

The Main Subliminal Power Program
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 1

Screenshot: The Main Subliminal Power Program


This is the program you use to setup your Subliminal Power 2 program. Simply use the wizard, select the subliminal program you'd like to run, and you're done. Then just sit back and use your computer as normal, as Subliminal Power 2 goes to work - silently "reprogramming" your mind behind the scenes.

NEW! Over 400 Ready-to-Run Subliminal Programs!
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 2

Screenshot: Over 400 Ready-to-Run Subliminal Programs!


Forget just a dozen sample programs, as with previous versions. The all-new Subliminal Power 2 includes over 400 ready-to-run subliminal programs, covering practically every area of life.

Split into fifteen separate sections, you'll find programs covering everything from activating your genius to improving time management, from positive thinking to mastering the piano, from boosting your IQ to curing stage fright.

Whatever you want, we've got it covered.

NEW! Multimedia Subliminal Power Editor
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 3

Screenshot: Multimedia Subliminal Power Editor


What do you want to change? We probably already have a subliminal program for it. But just in case we don't, you can create your own in minutes - with the multimedia program editor.

Simply click the "Create Program" button, then add messages and images to your program. Type out six (or so) positive affirmations, such as "I think positively" - then click "Next" and you're done.

Plus: This latest release now supports images, so that you can subliminally flash those while you use your computer - in addition to affirmations. Just add images from your PC, or click to search Flickr for relevant pictures.

And guess what?

This is all still just the beginning.

PLUS: Subliminal Movies, Brainwave Sessions, Mind Training Videos & More!

Subliminal Power 2 goes way beyond any other subliminal application you've ever seen.

In addition to its advanced subliminal program control, the application also includes...

NEW! Subliminal Movies — with iOS Support
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 4

Screenshot: Automatic Subliminal Movies — with iPhone Support


Instantly turn your favorite subliminal programs into mini "mind movies" that you can take with you - and watch for an instant mental boost, keeping you on precisely the right path!

Just select your subliminal program, pick backing music, and click to begin.

Subliminal Power 2 will quickly churn out an MP4 video file for you to watch anywhere, anytime - with full support for most mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad & Android.

NEW! Six Brainwave Music Sessions —
Happiness, Focus & More
Screenshot 5
Screenshot 5

Screenshot:Brainwave Music Sessions — Happiness, Focus & More


Change your mood in just minutes - with these powerful, integrated brainwave sessions! Just slip on your headphones, hit play, and watch as they change your mood state!

Sessions include Happiness, Energy and Focus. Plus, you'll find a session that mentally prepares you for a great night out...another session for waking you up first thing in the morning...and a further session for quietening your mind at the end of a day.

Each session uses the latest in brainwave entrainment technology, including binaural entrainment, temporal entrainment and rhythmic entrainment. Every session lasts 30 minutes, and retail elsewhere online for $20 each. Lucky for you, they're all integrated into Subliminal Power 2 at no extra cost!

NEW! Mind Training Videos —
Sharpen Your Brain with Online Training
Screenshot 6
Screenshot 6

Screenshot: Mind Training Videos — Sharpen Your Brain with Online Training


Want to ensure your brain is operating at its peak potential? Get training from the world's greatest mind experts - just sit back and watching some awe-inspiring videos.

Discover new ways of working, uncover fresh “brain hacks,” and learn the tricks and techniques for unlocking your inner genius. Includes videos from:

... And all of this incorporated into one powerful application.

Subliminal Power 2.

Try Subliminal Power 2 on your home PC
— for a whole two weeks, RISK-FREE.

So, let me ask you a question:

Does Subliminal Power 2 sound like something that could seriously improve your life?

If it does, then I want you to try it out today.

Absolutely RISK-FREE, for 14 whole days - all in the comfort of your own home.

Download your copy. Try it out on your PC. See how easy it is to use. Play around with the features. Check out the results you get - even within a couple of weeks.

If you're not absolutely overwhelmed, just drop us an e-mail.

We'll refund every single cent you paid.

NO small print. NO questions asked. Just a solid plea for you to try it out for yourself, and see the results you get. It's a guarantee backed by our publishers, the Self Development Network, too.

PLUS: If you purchase today, you can lock in at our special charter price of just $67.

This is our special launch price. Over the coming months, this price will likely rise above the $100 mark. The price will never fall below this rate.

That price includes the entire Subliminal Power 2 package, 400+ subliminal programs, subliminal movie support, six brainwave sessions, and brain training videos.

Not only that, you'll also receive FREE LIFETIME UPDATES for both Subliminal Power 2 - and all future versions. That means you'll never have to pay another cent to use Subliminal Power 2 after this payment.

The decision to purchase Subliminal Power 2 is a "no-brainer."

Try it out for yourself. Click on this button to get started:

Click here to try out Subliminal Power >

Just $67.
Downloads instantly to your PC. Works on any computer running the Windows operating system.

P.S— Here's what some of our 70,000+ users had to say about v1...

I've been chosen to play the lead in our college crucible production of West Side Story. I'm playing Maria and had been having real trouble reaching those higher notes. I wanted to write and say your singing program on the [Subliminal Power app] worked just wonders. This is amazing, I'm telling all of my non-singing friends about it. Thank you again, and to anyone that's thinking of buying Subliminal Power, DO IT -- because it really does work. Feel free to write to me or call me, I'll tell you myself!" Steph Regis, Milton Keynes, Bucks, UK

... after just an hour one of the programs came to life on my way back home. I used the 'Laser Sharp Focus' program and it really sharpened my concentration. -- Shamsul Akmal Ahmad, satria4878 AT, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Great program, really does what it says on the tin. Thank you, Bradley Thompson, for bringing this little tool into reality. It's helped me tremendously!" -- Timothy Schmidt, Co. Donegal, Ireland

I am with you on the fact that this is a fantastic product! I installed it this morning before holding a presentation tonight. And do you know, for the first time I was NOT nervous and speaking so confidently. I'm so excited!" -- Angela Caroscio, ang AT, Payneham, Australia

I just wanted to tell you I have been using the program since December - and it is doing wonders. I have been working on my mind for years and this is like the frosting on the cake." -- Jan Hewes, hewesjk AT

I'm so glad I bought this program! I have been actively using EFT and the Universal Law of Attraction techniques for the last year, with some success. This program has amplified my results 100+ fold... I immediately did an affirmation series on health and my perfect weight. I lost 5 lbs this week with no problem or suffering. This is a major breakthrough for me! -- Joy Sones, Kissimmee, FL, harley_roadangel AT

Glad I found you folks, I have been looking for quite some time for something to work on my subconscious without the loonnnngggg boring reading and sitting in strange position. Didn't work. But the subliminal power is doing it and FAST!! -- Charles Hendren, Benson, NC

... I setup the program on Tuesday and forgot all about it. I've always been seriously afraid of public speaking and had a big presentation I had to host on Friday afternoon. I'd forgotten all about Subliminal Power by Friday. But instead of sticky hands and major nerves, I just realized I really wasn't afraid anymore. I delivered the best speech I've ever given and even had people belly-laughing. That makes me feel SO proud. You CURED my fear of speaking... now I'm going to work on my weight and charisma!" -- John Batten, Rexburg, Idaho

I no longer eat between meals and have used the Blast Depression session to overcome the bad feelings that originally drove me to eat in the first place -- James Lindwedel, jlin******

Absolute best purchase this year. The doctors told me if I didn't stop smoking, I'd lose weight... ultimately! Funny guy! Using your program, I've not only managed to STOP smoking, I've also shed pounds. I don't know how it really works, but it really works" -- Terence Shah, Harrow, London

Please IMMEDIATELY stop selling this to business people, I want it all to myself! I thought I'd let you know how I'm using Subliminal Power. I run my own media LLC here in the States and have been trying to formulate an advertising plan for the past couple of weeks. I'd forgotten I'd installed Subliminal Power a few weeks ago to help lose weight (which is working brilliantly, BTW!) - so I selected the creativity and business success programs, then forgot about it again. This morning, the SECOND I sat down at my PC, a million ideas rushed to my head and suddenly I knew everything I needed to do. I have the perfect advertising campaign in my head. Who needs employees when you've got this magic thing?" -- Timothy McCarthy, Islamorada, FL

I run a northern radio station [name removed on request] and get so tired each day, and worried about the stresses of my schedules. A week ago I installed your program and I feel like telling you just how much of a difference it's made. I don't feel stressed anymore and it works perfectly, even with my old PC and cranky software. I'm even running one of your subliminal programs now for sleep reduction, so I can spend more time enjoying life as it's meant to be enjoyed!" -- P**** Kn****, Oro Valley, AZ

My best score (not Olympic standard of course) has increased from 88/100 to 93/100 and I now average mid to high 80s rather than low 80s. The magnitude of this increase in such a short time (less than one month) is absolutely all down to Subliminal Power! -- Derek Martyn, dmartyn@talktalk.n*t

Please publish this: if you want to improve your life without ANY effort, please try Subliminal Power. You cannot understand its power, until you've tried it and felt the change coming from the inside" -- Harris Morrison, Upper Beeding, UK

I've been trying to learn German now for over five months and always find myself struggling to find the motivation. I wrote a quick subliminal program to help drive my enthusiasm and improve my learning skills, and over the past three days, I've been learning like never before! -- Frank Cruickshank, South Essex, UK

Guys, this is really amazing, powerful stuff. I've used your program so far to help improve my song writing skills, increase my IQ and become more confident around women. I'm not one to write in and tell someone "yeah, this is great" when it sucks. Your program is really great. It's like reprogramming your mind in a safe, honest, real way. Love it, keep it on!" -- "Loving" Leo Louis, New York City, NY

This is a great discovery. It should be installed on every PC, in every school in the country. I'm already using it with my children and have seen such as improvement in their homework results. -- Rashid Mehta, Luton, Beds, UK

Really noticed an improvement in my muscle mass, since I wrote my custom subliminal program [editor's note: now included in v2]. I've been working out the same, but it's like I'm on totally safe software-steroids! WITHOUT the nasty side effects!! I'm recoding my body in a very safe and sure way, and I really love it" -- Mikey Bunton, Elma, WA

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Just $67.
Downloads instantly to your PC. Works on any computer running the Windows operating system.

Windows compatible

Bradley Thompson Photo
Bradley Thompson is a best-selling self-development author.

He is the author of ‘The Ultimate NLP Course’, creator of the original Subliminal Power tool, and founder of the world's largest hypnosis store,

He also developed the famed 5-Point Encoding System™ used at

To learn more about Bradley's products, visit his site at - or to read Bradley’s blog,